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We can turn your average mirror into a great mirror with our refiguring services. Many mass produced telescope mirrors are just acceptable, but could be better. Some are worse; here is an example of a mirror sent to us.
Mass produced review.

What difference can I expect to see?:

This really depends upon what sort of condition your optics start out in, which is why we offer testing to start the process out. However, if you have a typical mass produced mirror, the difference could be significant. The graphic below shows the difference between a perfect mirror, the type of figure we create and what typical production mirrors deliver.

Click for larger image

Upper Left - "perfect", Upper Right - 1/10th wave (what we provide, lower left to lower right are typical consumer optics.

How the service works:

Send in your mirror. Upon receipt, we will inspect, test and generate a quantitative test report, using our computerized test facility, of your mirror's existing condition. We will then provide you with this report for inspection.

If at this point you decide that your mirror is good enough as is, it will be returned, and you pay only for the shipping and handling. If, on the other hand, you wish to have the mirror refigured, you pay only the refiguring charge.

A Mirror Certification from Optics Wave Laboratories will accompany your refigured mirror.


Mirrors that qualify for the "basic" refiguring charge
exhibit the following properties:

  • No significant edge errors, turned down or up
  • No errors of asymmetry, astigmatism or trefoil
  • No extreme zonal errors
  • Overall correction within 2 waves of target conic
  • Mirrors that exceed these limits fall into the Type II category and must first be re-polished to a sphere before re-figuring can begin.

Mirrors that exceed the above qualifications fall into the Type II category, and must first be re-polished to a sphere before refiguring can begin. Additionally, defects, such as chips and scratches, cannot be removed without regrinding.

Re-Figure Specification

We will re-figure your mirror to a
minimum specification of the following:

  • Strehl Ratio of .950 or higher
  • P-V Wavefront Error goal of 1/8 wave or better
  • Re-Aluminizing:



Upon completion of refiguring we re-aluminize your mirror at our in-house coating facility. Cost coating is additional and dependent upon the type of coating. See our coatings information page for more details.

Price Schedule

Type II


Download the price schedule here: PDF

Download the free test order form here: PDF


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