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Cellular mirror blanks

In 2004 OWL embarked upon an R&D project to develop its own capability to create mirror blanks. Along the way the project goal morphed into that of creating lightweight cellular mirror blanks. After several years of development we are pleased to present this technology.

Custom diagonal blank for Cal Poly telescope.

The benefits of lightweight ribbed "cellular" blanks are:

  • Approximately 1/3 the mass of an equivalent solid blank
  • Rapid thermal equalization
  • Self-supporting (the blank becomes the mirror cell)
  • Cellular blanks can be engineered to deflect less than solid blanks

Custom blanks

Currently we only offer custom designed blanks. We charge an engineering fee plus a fixed cost per blank. Contact us for more information.

Standard blanks

We will be introducing the first standard sized "production" blanks to the public. The first size to be introduced will be an 18" diameter blank designed to support a focal ratio between f/4 and f/5. If you are interested in purchasing one or a finished mirror made from one of these blanks, please contact us and will will place you on our contact list when they become available. Please be aware that this technology costs considerably more than traditional mirror blanks.



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