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Optic Wave Laboratories' facilites have been fully restored to operation!

We previously shut down the lab, for several months, in order to perform a thorough cleaning of the shop and machines and to perform several critical repairs.

In "celebration" of resuming full operations we are offering 50% off on all of our aluminum based coatings for astronomy. See the coating's page for more information.

We look forward to, once again, providing excellent service to you.

Thank you for your patience,

Cary Chleborad


Customer Testimonial

I thought I'd give a word about the 12.5-inch "planetary" mirror you made for me. That word is - thrilling! Last night I finally got a chance to seriously observe a planet with it, and got to see Saturn as the sparkling jewel of the sky that it is. (Before then, my planet viewing was limited to straining to catch Jupiter before it dropped into the trees back in August, and one rushed early morning viewing of Saturn.) Viewing Saturn last night, I forgot to count suspected moons, but several showed. With a binoviewer at 400x and some filtration, occasional moments of clear seeing showed ring structure significantly beyond the obvious Cassini division, enough to where I don't know how much detail I'm actually seeing and how much is reminding me of spacecraft photos. It was enthralling. Too bad everyone else went to bed. I'm looking forward to more great planet sights later this year. The moon is fun to view at high powers, seeing amazing detail and texture on seas, mountains, and odd gnarly formations. Whoever said looking at the moon and planets with a large scope is like reading the lettering on a shining headlamp was wrong - and probably trying to sell expensive refractors. The 12.5 inch mirror gives an excellent amount of light to work with, especially with a binoviewer and filters. I can observe the atmosphere's transient refractive behavior quite clearly - it's a little like looking up from underwater. On good nights here, things wiggle around but usually stay crisp; on not-so-good nights, things shake and get blurry. With my previous commercially-made scope I couldn't see this; even medium mags were blurry all the time.
-John Gibb